Es un curso básico de inglés, dónde se le enseñará al estudiante los elementos básicos del idioma inglés.
Contenido de Inglés Conversacional Básico
Unit 1:All about you
  • Say hello and good bye .
  • Introduce yourself
  • Exchange personal information(names,phone numbers and e-mail addresses).
  • Spell names.
  • Thank people.
Unit 2:In class
  • Ask and say were people are from.
  • Name personal items and classroom objects.
  • Ask and say where things are in a room.
  • Make requests.
  • Give classroom instructions.
  • Apologize.
Unit 3:Favorite people
  • Talk about favorite celebrities.
  • Describe people´s personalities.
  • Talk about friends and family.
Unit 4: Every day life.
  • Describe a typical morning in your home.
  • Discuss weekly routines.
  • Get to know someone.
  • Talk about lifestyles.
  • Discuss free time activities
  • Talk about tv shows