Curso de ingles con enfasis en conversacion, para principiantes que desean obtener confianza y mejorar la comunicacion.
Contenido de English for Beginners 1
Nice to Meet you
  • Introducing oneself
  • Introducing others
  • Exchanging basic personal information (first name, surname, job)
  • Spelling
  • Greeting and saying good bye
  • The verb be (I am, you are)
  • My, your
  • a/ an
Home and abroad
  • Exchanging basic personal information (age, nationality, telephone number)
  • Talking about family members
  • The verb be (we are, you are, he is, she is)
  • our, your, his, her
  • Who? What? How old? Where… from?
My favourite things
  • Naming, identifying and describing objects
  • The verb be (it is, they are)
  • Their
  • Plural nouns
  • this, thse, that, those
People (clothes, physical appearance, personality)
  • Expressing possession
  • Asking about and describing physical appearance and personality
  • The verb have
  • Whose?