Curso de ingles con enfasis en conversacion, para estudiantes con un manejo basico del idioma, que desean mejorar el nivel y conocer nuevas estructuras gramaticales
Contenido de Elementary English 1
What is your name?
  • Introducing oneself and others
  • Exchanging basic personal information (name, age, nationality, telephone number, address)
  • Spelling
  • Checking information
  • The verb be
  • Possessive Adjectives
  • Who?, What?, How?. How old?, Where… from?
How is work?
  • Talking about routines
  • Telling the time
  • Talking about daily schedules
  • Present simple (affirmative and Wh-questions)
  • Prepositions of time (at, on, in, until, from)
Have a good time!
  • Expressing like and dislike
  • Present simple (negative and questions)
  • The verb can
  • want to, would like to
  • like, love, hate, enjoy + -ing
Nearest and dearest
  • Talking about family members
  • Expressing possession
  • Asking about and describing people physical appearance
  • Identifying people